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Andre Collins' passion is saving lives.

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Andre Collins of the NFL Players Association delivered an inspirational keynote speech on their Sleep Health Program and the Health Initiative for former NFL Players at the Sleep & Wellness 2021 conference held this weekend in Scottsdale, AZ.

It has been said that Andre’s job is “saving peoples’ lives.” After spending some time with Andre, the twelfth child of nineteen, this isn’t a job, but his passion for life showing.

“When you are on your death bed and flipping your last dime, did you wring it dry?”

Positive impact on players lives.

Since implementing the VA sleep program into the NFLPA, there has been only one death of a former player in thirteen years. Before the program, they had been losing several ballplayers each year.

Andre shared that he plays the trumpet and paints, and his philosophy is observable when he described his passion for jazz music and art. His “Smocks for Jocks” program is an annual jazz brunch and art auction that raises money for charities and the NFLPA programs.

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