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Chuck Foreman, Should be in the NFL hall of fame...

Updated: Dec 10, 2021

Chuck Foreman, legendary Minnesota Viking two-time MVP, and five-time pro bowler explained being a full-back was more than just taking the ball down the field. No, his job included picking up the blitz and making those critical blocks. It dawned on me why some of my favorite running backs weren't on the field for those third-down conversions.

Dave Gergen invited Sleep & Wellness magazine to see first hand one of the NFLPA's events. I had the remarkable pleasure to have dinner and visit with Chuck Foreman during an NFLPA event in Minneapolis.

"A person's character is essential, and shortcuts do not build character like two a day's."

Dinner with Chuck Foreman was very enlightening

Chuck Foreman is more than an NFL great as he shared his love for Christine, his wife, who sadly missed having dinner with us. She went back to a customer to complete the job correctly. This dedication to doing things right quickly became apparent to me for both Chuck and his wife.

Chuck's philosophy is twofold. First, you are responsible for those things you can control, and you need to let go of those things outside of your control. Second, becoming complacent, or lazy, never leads anywhere good. A person's character is essential, and shortcuts do not build character like two a day's were back in his NFL career. Chuck and his wife are perfect examples of integrity that builds and moves this country forward. Chuck shared that this country of ours is a rainbow of people who make it better by not judging others by the color of their skin. Chuck said it simply, we all bleed red.



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